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Guy DADJE - Inventor of SLIP ALERT

Slip Alert

We all know that wet floor signs do not draw enough attention to a wet floor. Without enough warning, individuals are likely to slip even falling. With falls come injuries which are not only dangerous but also a liability for businesses.  In America, we have over 2 million slip and falls, resulting in 10 billion on compensation. Then I decided to solve this problem by adding an addon to the wet floor sign, with a beeping led light and pre-recorded voice telling customers that caution the floor is wet called SLIP ALERT. See virtual video – this device will be helping blind people also. There are an estimated 12 million blind people in America. I have seen blind people falling many times. As blind cannot see the wet floor sign but can hear my invention slip alert talking to him, and customers, workers, anyone.

  • Does slip alert offer an easier efficient solution than what already exists and be able to compete with products already in the market?

There are dozens of various designed wet floor signs being used to warn people to be cautious currently on the market Currently, nothing is being sold on the market as an “add on ” to wet floor signs however, a simple sign is not enough to caution people as demonstrated by reflectors and even blinking lights that have added to construction signs, etc. By adding sight and sound, the SLIP ALERT warns people more effectively. The blinking light and sound system can be sold in a small, elegantly designed aftermarket device and purchased separately for a universal fit on any floor caution sign.

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